Spring Term is a special time at Washington and Lee, offering students and professors an opportunity to immerse themselves in a single topic for four weeks. While small seminars abound on campus, other courses are taking students far afield for learning experiences that can’t be had in Lexington. Among them:

Business 390B: Business in a Developing Economy

Nicaragua: Business in a Developing Economy

Professor: Sandra Reiter and Stephan Fafatas

Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Western hemisphere behind Haiti. The primary purpose of this course is to understand why and how this continues to be so. We will investigate the economic and business development issues and the role business has in hindering and/or promoting development. Areas of investigation may include trade agreements, […]

Business 390A: Business in Ireland

Ireland: Business in Ireland

Professor: Roger Dean

Twenty-five years ago Ireland was one of the poorest countries in the developed world. Over the past 20 years, Ireland has benefited from a partnership between government, business, and labor unions, and received significant direct foreign investments. The “Celtic Tiger” had become the strongest economy in Europe. In recent years the Celtic Tiger has grown […]

Economics 288A: Economics of Tropical Coastal Seascapes

Belize: Economics of the Tropical Coastal Seascapes

Professor: Jim Casey

ECON 288A takes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental economics by allowing students to learn economic theory in the classroom, apply it in the field, and learn about coastal ecology by living in Belize. The primary question to be addressed in this course is how to value coastal resources-specifically-coral reef ecosystems. This course will introduce techniques […]

Economics 234: Urban Education: Poverty, Ethnicity and Policy

Richmond: Urban Education - Poverty, Ethnicity and Policy

Professor: Timothy Diette

Students explore the determinants of education achievement and attainment in urban education through three weeks of fieldwork in schools in the Richmond area (Monday through Thursday each week) and seminar meetings in Lexington. Students observe and work to understand critical components of teaching and learning in the urban classroom. The readings and experience challenge students […]

Journalism 214: The Vietnam War and the Journalists Who Covered It

Vietnam: The Vietnam War and the Journalists Who Covered It

Professor: Bob de Maria

A critical in-depth study taught on campus and in Vietnam of reporting and reporters during the Vietnam Conflict, from the death of the first American military adviser to South Vietnam’s last hours. Students meet journalists who covered the conflict on both sides and are exposed to numerous examples of journalists’ work, through readings, class visits, […]

German 304: Bonn and Beyond

Germany: Bonn and Beyond

Professor: Dan Kramer

This intensive language course offers you a four-week period of direct exposure to the language, culture, and people of Germany.  You will immerse yourself in the culturally rich environs of Bonn, Cologne, and the region along the Rhine River. Over the four weeks, you will improve your communication skills through extensive and innovative language instruction […]

History 269: Freedom Ride

Southern United States: The Freedom Ride

Professor: Ted Delaney

An intensive study of the Civil Rights Movement through the lens of the Freedom Riders. This reading- and writing-intensive four-week study includes a two-week tour of major Civil Rights protest sites in the lower Southern United States.

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